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    An article from the Harvard Business Review discusses stress. How we acquire it. What it does to us. And how to combat it.


    I found the part on what it does to our bodies very interesting. "In the body, all kinds of stress lead to one destination: inflammation – that “fire” in our cells. Inflammation is simply the body’s protective immune response to any kind of toxin or injury. Think of how your skin recovers from a cut, for example – there may be swelling and redness followed by scab formation and, finally, healing."


    One major cause of stress is money troubles. Debt. Unpaid bills. It's no surprise that debt can cause stress.


    Our job here at TDS is to do our best to give you the tools to help you get your finances in order and reduce that stress.


    Keep on Stretching those holiday, stress-free Dollars!

Get Out of Debt

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