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  • Hello to all my Frugal Friends!


    Last week we mentioned that TDS is 20 years old. Since the beginning it's been a joint effort. So many of the great ideas we've been able to share have come from readers. So we want to continue the celebration by sharing some of your success stories.


    We'd like to hear how you paid for college, a new car or a home. Repaid debts or changed your spending habits. Lived through unemployment or an overspending spouse. Any financial challenge you've faced and won. We'll share as many of them as we can in upcoming issues.


    There's a reason that we want to do that. I believe that knowing that someone else has faced a similar problem and conquered it not only can show you some tools that might be helpful, but also encourages you that success is possible.


    So please send us your success story so that we can help others find the victory that you're already enjoying!


    Keep on Stretching those Dollars!


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