Gifts for Seniors


    contributed by Ann in New York


    I'm 67 and here are some gift ideas that I would find very useful: 
    Help with Electronics:

    - Older people like watching TV and movies as much as anyone else and would like to use the newest streaming options to cut their cable bills. Someone who could explain the options and then hook them up would be most welcome. 


    - An electronic book (e.g. a Nook) and membership to the local library if they are not already members. Then show how to browse the library on a computer and put a free library book onto the device. When this was done for me, it saved me hundreds of dollars in paperbacks, not to mention the convenience of not having to leave home to get a book.

    - Recent coverage in the national press exposed the fact that seniors are not getting the vaccines they need due to the high cost of drugs. The vaccines for shingles and pneumonia are examples. Gifting the cost of the doctor's co-pay and the pharmacy bill could actually be a life-saver. Take them to the appointment too if you have time and grab a bite of lunch together after.

    - The cost of gasoline may deprive some seniors of getting out and about as much as they would like. A prepaid gas card or one where the bill comes to you could give someone a bit of extra mobility and independence.
    Manual labor:

    - Beloved gardens get neglected because it hurts to bend down or get up. How about offering yourself as a laborer under their supervision for a morning?

    - Handyman, house cleaning, ironing, etc. are all labor intensive where a helping hand would be a great gift.

    Older people are living longer, more vital, and active lives than ever before. Sure, they have memories of the past, but they remain engaged and interested in the present and the future too. Sometimes, however, some of them need a little extra help to stretch a Social Security check, to understand how to make all the new inventions work, and to take care of manual tasks.  





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