DIY - Trash to Treasures

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    DIY - Trash to Treasures


    Have you ever seen an old wood piece of furniture at a thrift shop or on the side of the road and thought that’s a beautiful piece, but look at the condition of it….


    No matter if it’s a table, dresser, night stand or anything else you may come across.. A lot of those things can be brought back to life, and usually for less than $50 and it only rates at a 3 on The DIYer sill level.



    When painting an old wood piece of furniture, there are a few important rules you need to follow.


    1- Clean the furniture thoroughly (inside and out) with a good degreasing cleaner.

    You never know what type of residue will be on that furniture that may react with the paint.


    2- Fill any chips or dings with a sandable/stainable wood filler.


    3- Sand as needed to remove any scratches.


    4- If there are any drawers or doors, Do not paint them in place. Remove all easily removable doors, drawers and hardware.


    5- Apply 2 coats of primer


    Now your ready to paint….


    When your painting a piece of furniture, you will want to use synthetic paint brushes (or sponge brushes) and foam or a ¼ in nap roller. These will help you get the smoothest finishes.


    I find rustoleum furniture paint to be the best. It has a tendency to level itself enough to help hide brush marks. The drawback of it is that you have to be careful of runs, so keep looking over your work as you go. It also comes in a good variety of colors.


    For an added touch, you can use an accent color. This will give your project a more finished and professional look.


    Top it all off with some new hardware to match the new look and your all set.


    Remember to always follow manufacturer recommendations on paints and other products.

    Give this project a try and post your pictures below, we would love to see them.


    For recommended materials/supplies, visit my links page below.


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    With over 30 years experience in the home improvement field, Artie Wallace (owner of Rockaways Handyman) can help you with most of your DIY questions. For more information about Artie Wallace or Rockaways Handyman, visit his website at,  like him on Facebook at, or email your questions to


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