DIY - Makeover your kids room for less

  • DIY - Makeover your kids room for less


    Are your kids getting older?


    Maybe it's just time to makeover their room. Here are a few ideas that are not only fun for the kids, but they're fun to do too. Best of all, most of them rate at a 2 on the skill level meter (with 1 being the easiest and 10 being the hardest).


    Here are 5 projects that I recommend that won’t break the bank.


    Chalkboard wall or door:


    What child doesn't like writing on the walls...


    Chalkboard paint usually is dark in color, so you don't want to use it for a large wall, it will make the room look smaller.


    Pick a small wall or section off a portion of a larger wall (you can even use the back of the door). Paint it with Rustoleum Chalkboard Paint.


    For longer durability you will want to apply 3 coats (allow to dry thoroughly between coats).




    Magnetic Wall:


    This is not only a great idea for kids rooms, it is also great for a section near your cooking area to hold your recipes.


    Magnetic paints have a high metal fiber content. It is to be used as a primer. You should apply 4 to 5 coats before painting it with the color of your choice. When finished off with Chalkboard Paint, it provides the best of both worlds.




    Play area:


    Creating a play area where toys can also be stored is an easy project.


    Buy (or make) 2 sets of shelves. Space them facing each other leaving enough room to play in the middle.


    Connect the tops with a 1 by 2, painted to match. This will ensure stability and provide a frame to add a canopy top.


    The canopy top can be as simple as an old blanket with a design on it or something you create for the area. You can staple it across the frame to hold it in place.


    For added design you can close in the sides (partial height) to make it your child's own little space.




    Sitting area:


    If your child is a little older, a sitting area for when their friends are over can be a nice touch.


    A few stackable storage units and a tall storage shelf on either side can create a perfect sitting area. Add a few pillows for sitting and you're all set.


    Be sure to screw the unites together to ensure they do not move when being used.

    You will also want to add a matching shelf on top of the sitting area for extra strength.



    Dress up a dresser:


    You can change the whole effect of a kids room by dressing up a dresser..


    This picture shows a dresser with a coat of white paint on the frame and pastel colors on the draws. Using stencils you can easily add a design to this.


    For a more creative look, you could cover the draw faces with a fabric. Simply use spray on contact adhesive and place your fabric on. Be sure to roll it out with a small roller to remove any wrinkles or bumps.


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