DIY - Turn an old door into a Mosaic tile table

  • DIY - Turn an old door into a Mosaic tile table


    This project rates as a 5 on the DIYer scale. Yet it will rate a 10 with your guest.

    Mosaic tables are great for outdoors (patios , porch and yards), they even look great in a rustic decorated room.


    Here is how to make your own:

    If you have an old wood door around, great. If not some thrift stores come by them at times, so ask around.

    For legs, I would once again recommend thrift stores. A table with nice legs and a damaged top won't break the bank.

    For a list of supplies you will need, visit my links page


    Now for the prep work:

    1- Remove the legs from the table. Using a sanding sponge, sand off the varnish (if it has).

    2- Remove all hardware from the wood door Fill any holes from knobs and locks with wood filler.

    Note that the first filling will probably crack, You may need to do 2 or 3 fill to remove all cracks.

    3- Sand the wood door to remove the farnish (including the panels where you will be tiling) and sand the wood filler till it is smooth.


    Setting up your legs:

    There are a few ways to secure the legs to the eable. The easiest is to make a square frame out of 1x3's.

    The frame should allow the door to han over 1 inch on all sides. With your legs on the inside corners of the frame, screw them in from the outside of the frame.


    Securing your top:

    Plase your door on the legs (and frame) and run a screw in to each leg from the top, countersinking the screw.

    Fill over the screw head with a little wood filler and sand as needed.


    Stain/Paint your table:

    If you chose to stain or paint your table, you will need to do it before tiling.

    Wen staining or painting your table, use caution to get as little as possible in the area you will be tiling.


    Lets design:

    Before you can tile your table, you will need to create a design.

    This is easiest accomplished by drawing your designs in the panels of the door with a marker.

    You may want to mark what colors you're thinking of for each area.


    Time for Tile:

    Before you can put the tile on the door, you will need to cut it to sizes.

    For bigger pieces you can use a dry tile cutter. For smaller pieces you will need to use a tile nipper. Be sure to wear safety glasses.

    As you nip/cut your pieces lay them in place on your design till you have a look that you're happy with.

    Pick up a piece, place a touch of tile grout/adhesive on the back and replace it. Repeat till all pieces are glued and let dry overnight.

    Using your tile grout/adhesive, fill the spaces between the tiles and wipe away excess with a damp sponge. Let dry overnight.


    Finalize your project with a grout sealer to preserve the life of your new table.


    For recommended materials/supplies, visit my links page below.


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