DIY - Convert a closet


    Convert a closet

    Most families fight the constant battle between floor space and closet space.

    By converting a closet into desk space with a few book shelves or even closed in storage, you free up a lot of floor space. The best part is when not working at the desk, you can close the doors and enjoy the room.

    Not to worry though, in a future article I will cover how to gain storage space to compensate for the loss of a closet.

    This photo shows a professional closet conversion. I will tell you how to do your own without the cost of an expensive contractor.

    Desk tops:


    A nicely finished wood desk top is great, but that is not in everyone's price and/or skill range.

    A nice formica desk top is easy and affordable.

    Measure the space inside your closet and buy a countertop that is a little larger, that you like from one of the major home improvement stores (usually under $100). If the depth of the countertop is less than the depth of your closet, you’ll only need to cut the length.

    1- Measure your length (and depth if needed) and outline it with a pencil.

    2 - Run 2 layers of 2 inch masking tape along your markings.

    3 -Re draw your markings.

    4 - Using a circular saw, slowly cut along the lines. The masking tape if secured firmly will prevent the formica from chipping.




    Before you install your countertop, you’ll want to install any cabinets.

    Kitchen wall cabinets or utility room cabinets work great. Best of all they come in a large variety of designs, colors and sizes. They even keep your storage behind a door giving things a more finished look.

    When mounting your wall cabinets, try to catch the beams, if you can’t than use anchors (both of which can be found on my links page below).

    Don’t forget to leave enough space for your desk, computer monitors, etc.


    I am going to make this part easy….

    If you buy 2 kitchen base cabinets to match your wall cabinets (for shallower closets buy 2 wall cabinets). Place one on either end of your closet and screw it to the wall through the back of the cabinet.

    1- Place your countertop on to the base cabinets and check fit (if it doesn't fit, trim as needed and re try). If it fits, remove it.

    2- Line the top edge of the cabinets with a little Liquid Nail, and place your countertop in place.



    Finishing touch:

    There will more than likely be some gaps between your cabinets and the walls, as well as between your countertop and the walls.

    Fill the gaps with caulk, wiping it smooth with a wet sponge as you go.


    There you have it, you just converted a closet and even kept a little storage area.

    Now just add a stool and your ready to go.

    For recommended materials/supplies, visit my links page below.




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