DIY – Affordable Kitchen Makeovers (Changing a countertop)


    DIY – Affordable Kitchen Makeovers (Changing a countertop)



    Different types of countertops require different types of installation.

    For our purpose we're going to work with formica counter tops.


    A lot of people like to stay away from formica counter tops,  but the fact is that they are not the cheap countertops they used to be.  

    Today's formica counter tops come with more decorative edges and a large variety of finishes. They are also the easiest to replace / install.  


    First thing you'll need to do is remove the old counter top.

    Most countertops are either just sitting in place or have a few screws holding them from the inside corners of the base cabinets.


    Once the old counter top is removed, you're ready to measure for your new countertop.


    Measuring for your new countertop

    When measuring you should draw a rough sketch of the countertop layout and mark your measurements on your sketch.  Don't worry about making a perfect sketch, as long as it looks close to what you have (or are looking to install).

    Measure the lengths along the walls,  then measure the lengths along the face of the cabinets.

    Be sure to make notes if your measurments are tight or lose fitting. 




    Now you'll need to measure for your sink.

    When measuring start at one of the side wall and measure to the center of the sink.  Then measure from your back wall to the center of your sink. When making notes, make sure to include if measurement is off left or right wall. 

    When you order your countertop the place you order from will plan your sink cutout from the center mark.


    Installing your new countertop

    First lay it in place,  if there are any gaps between the countertop and walls, we will take care of this later.

    Most people like to screw the counter top in. I like to avoid this for diyer's because it is very easy to damage the top surface of your new countertop.  


    To secure it in place, I recommend reaching in through the cabinets and putting a bead of liquid nail along where the counter meets the cabinet on the front and back edges.


    Filling the gaps.


    Now that your countertop is installed,  you may have some gaps where it meets the walls.  For small gaps,  caulk the gap and wipe the excess caulk away with a wet sponge.  For larger gaps you may want to fill the gap first (foam insulation works well for this ). Be sure to pack it tight and keep it a little below the surface of the counter top.  Then caulk over the gap and wipe with a damp sponge.

    Once the caulk dries, you may need to repeat to fill any areas that settle.


    You just installed your new countertop,  congratulations.




     If you would like so see a sample of my work, 

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    Although I didn't see the final cut yet, I am sure you'll catch me working along side Gage Cass in a few scenes.




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