DIY - Replacing a window pane


    DIY - Replacing a window pane.


    There are more older windows and doors out there then most people realize.


    Every now and then one of the windows break and need to be replaced.

    Replacing a window may be much easier than you think

    and can be done for just under $20.00

    (plus the cost of the glass). 


    Here is what you will need:

    • Gloves and eye protection
    • A good utility knife
    • Window glaze (see photos below)
    • A piece of cardboard (larger than the broken paine of glass)
    • Glazier points (see photos below)
    • A glazing tool (see photos below)


    Window glaze

    Glazier points

    Glazing tool




    These items are all available on my links page. click here


    Now let's start getting the broken glass out and cleaning up the frame.


    On most older windows one side has a small wood molding that the glass is laid against.

    The opposite side is usually held in with glazing points and window glaze (in most cases this will be the outer side).


    Using your glazing tool, clean away all the old glaze till you can safely remove the window. Most of the glazing points should come out with the glaze, pull out any remaining points as you go.


    Now that your glass is out, continue removing the glazing till the perimeter is free of any glaze and points.

    Using your cardboard and utility knife, make a template of the window. Be sure it is a good fit and goes in and out with ease.

    Most local hardware stores will cut the replacement glass for you.


    Now lets install the new glass.


    The most important thing is to not put unnecessary pressure on the glass to avoid cracking it.


    Put your glass in place and use the points to hold it in place. The points can be pushed in by using the edge of your glazing tool. Don’t worry about making it too tight.


    Once your window is in, use the glazing knife to pack the window glaze in along the edge, creating a beveled edge. Allow to dry before moving the window.





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