DIY- Rustic Farmhouse Table

  • Rustic Farmhouse Tables


    A reader wrote in asking about building a Rustic Farmhouse Table.

    I thought this was a great topic.


    Where to start?


    As with any table you will need to start with the legs and supports.

    If you have an old wood table with a sturdy frame, you can always just change the top.

    But if your building it from scratch, here are the basics.


    1- Use pressure treated wood or true timber. But bare in mind that true timber will require more sanding and/or planning.


    2- Cut four 4 by 4’s the same length for the legs.


    3- Cut two 1 by 3’s for the length of the table and two 1 by 3’s for the width.


    4- Attach a 4 by 4 to each end of the pieces for the width giving you the two sides.

    Be cure that your end piece is flush with the top and one of the sides of the 4 by 4’s.


    5- Attach each end of the pieces for the length to the sides leaving the 1 by 3’s on the outside of the 4 by 4’s. Make sure the tops and ends are flush.


    6- Cut a 2 by 3 to fit between the inner sides of your length pieces and install them every 12 inches to support your table top.


    7- At each end (your width sides) cut a 3 by 3 to fit between the 4 by 4’s and install them on the inner sides of your 1 by 3’s.



    What’s next?


    Now that you have your frame made, it’s time to build your tabletop. 

    There are many designs for the tops, I am going to tell you how to make one of the most basic ones. 


    1- Measure the overall length of your frame and cut 2 by 6’s, 3 inches longer than your length.

    For every 12 inches of width cut two 2 by 6’s and then cut 2 additional.


    2- Lay them out in place across your frame starting from the center. You may find that you need to adjust them to fit a full 2 by 3.


    3- Lifting one out, mark the position of one of the remaining ones giving you your starting point to secure them in place.


    4- Leaving 1 ½ overhang on either end, start securing your boards in place keeping the ends flush with one another.


    Finishing your table.


    1- Before you put the finish coat on, you will need to do some sanding. Make sure all edges are smooth and outer edges are slightly rounded. For an added touch you can sand the table top corners so that they are rounded.


    2- Make sure your table is dust free, then apply the stain (color of your choice) to the table in multiple coats. Do this by brushing on the stain and wiping it off with a cloth rag after a few seconds. Repeat this till you get the desired color that you are looking for. Be sure to allow at least 3 hours between coats (more in high humidity). Don’t forget to dust your table before each coat.


    3- Once again make sure your table is dust free, then apply a clear coat. I would recommend using a polyurethane. Follow the instructions on the can in great detail, the instructions can vary between brands. You can apply additional coats, just follow the instructions about drying time between coats and dust before each coat.


    4- As a final step, glue a piece of felt to the bottom of each leg to prevent scratches to your floor.



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    Please post your comments below and let me know if you found this areicle helpful and/or inmormative.

    All comments are greatly appreciated.





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