DIY Keeping Your Drains Clean

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    DIY Keeping Your Drains Clean
    by Artie Wallace
    Would you like to save money on expensive drain cleaning services?
    In this article, I will take you on a journey through a drain pipe and help you to prevent expensive clogs.
    Why do drain pipes clog?

    Most drain clogs are caused by 1 of 3 reasons.
    1- Things flushed down toilets that are too large for the drain pipes.
    2- Food or other large items going in the drain that get caught up and clog the drain.
    3- Build up in the drain lines.

    What you can do to prevent drain clogs:

    For clogs caused be 1 & 2 above, simply use screens on (tub and sink) drains and avoid flushing paper towels or other large items down the drains.
    Visit my click here  for recommended screens.

    For the 3rd thing on our list (Build up in the drain lines), maintaining your drains on a regular basis will help prevent most build up (see maintaining your drain pipes below).

    Let's take a look at how buildup occurs in drain pipes:

    After taking a bath you have seen the soap scum that builds up on the walls of the tub. That same soap scum builds up in your pipes and over time narrows the opening for water to flow through. Eventually that buildup can fully close the opening causing clogs. As the opening narrows it also increases the chance for food, hair and other things to get caught and block up the pipes. Maintaining your drain pipes will not stop the buildup 100%, but it will prevent it from becoming a clog.

    Take a journey down a drain pipe:

    In video 1,  you can see what was originally a smooth wall pipe and how the build up has coated the pipe walls. About 40 seconds you see little spots moving around. Those spots are the soap scum floating in the stagnant water that is in the trap under your sink or tub.


    Click here to see video 1

    In video 2, you get a little better view of how it floats there till it clings to the pipe walls.


    Click here to see video 2

    In image 1, you get a still view of the buildup on the pipe walls.

    Note: The video’s and photo are not super clear due to the type of endoscope
    used, but they give you a good idea of how the build up occurs.
    Videos and photo are courtesy of


    How to prevent buildup and maintain your pipes:

    Maintaining your pipes is one of the easiest household chores you will have to do, and it can save you a lot of money over time.
    Caution, most drain cleaners contain harmful chemicals.
    The best thing to use for preventive maintenance is Enzyme cleaners, they cling to the buildup on the pipe walls and breaking it down.
    Simply pour 4 to 6 ounces in each drain before you go to bed, once a month and let it do the rest.


    For a list of recommended products to maintain your drain, click here or visit our links page at

    Please post your comments below and let me know if you found this areicle helpful and/or inmormative.

    All comments are greatly appreciated.


    With over 30 years experience in the home improvement field, Artie Wallace (owner of Rockaways Handyman) can help you with most of your DIY questions. For more information about Artie Wallace or Rockaways Handyman, visit his website at, like him on Facebook at, or email your questions to




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