FinanSavvy: New Kind Of Free Personal Financial Planning Tool


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    What is FinanSavvy?


    Planning out your personal financial future so that you can accomplish your most important goals is something everyone should do, but so often, this type of planning means meetings, costs, and leaving key financial decisions up to others. There are usually three choices for managing your finances: 1) a broker, 2) a CFP, or 3) yourself, with the first two tending to be more focused on investing.  If it's time for YOU to take control of your overall financial picture, FinanSavvy is a new (free) tool that's about much more than investing that can help you manage your finances on a personal level. Interested? Read on.


    What is FinanSavvy?


    FinanSavvy is a web service where users can create a personal or family budget and forecast, plan for retirement and other goals, and take advantage of other financial planning resources. It's a financial planning tool that offers the opportunity to make a long term financial plan in the form of a personalized forecast so that users can establish spending and saving confidence. FinanSavvy also has a budget feature that allows users to generate budgets and edit them to reflect personal spending habits. Then you can look at your spending in a whole bunch of different ways to make sure you are getting the most benefit from it.


    Why use FinanSavvy?


    I think the better question is... Why NOT use it? FinanSavvy is free! It does a lot of the things that brokers or CFPs might try to help you with, once a year or so, at a cost. I think making decisions about spending and setting goals is really something you should be doing more than every once in a while, and for yourself, before you talk to an advisor. 


    You don't need any special technical or financial skills to get started. You can access it whenever you want, and it gives you the tools you need to balance your financial plan and goals. Plus FinanSavvy does not require any kind of access to your bank accounts, so you can plan without worrying that your financial information is at risk.


    How do you get started?


    Head over to the FinanSavvy website and sign up! Once you set up your account, you're taken right to a page of Quick Start Guides and Tutorial videos. Check out these guides and instructions and then start planning.


    How can it help you?


    There are so many possible scenarios where you can use FinanSavvy to help you make financial plans and decisions. Say, for example, you want to save $300 per month for retirement, and you want to see what this looks like after 25 years. With FinanSavvy, you can see the savings, and you can also adjust the monthly amount to see how the outcome will change. It would work for college savings too! Just add your savings so that you can project how much you may have when your child attends college. Most importantly, it lets you look at these things together.


    Another helpful tool is the budgeting function. Say you're having a difficult time deciding the best ways to spend your money each month so you are not wasting any. FinanSavvy's budget function helps you create a budget, and it also helps you see how much you are spending per budget category. You can sort and play around and do what-ifs to see what makes the most sense. You can even compare your budget to national statistics to see how your expenses compare!


    FinanSavvy is a great free tool that offers a personal approach to managing your own finances. If you're interested in planning your financial future, and achieving financial confidence, head over and check it out!


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