Live Like a Mensch: Handling Grocery Store Returns

  • Last week, I had one of those frugality conundrums that appear to have no good answer.


    On Monday, I bought a bag of potatoes for the crock pot roast* I was planning on making on Friday. When I opened said potatoes on Friday, I was met with the funk of 40,000 years .


    Clearly, not enough time had elapsed for the potatoes to have legitimately gone bad. I had purchased a bag of pre-funkified spuds. There was no saving the potatoes. No cutting out the bad parts and washing off the liquid funk. Idaho had something to answer for. (You're in charge of ONE thing, Idaho!)


    Normally, I would have no problem returning the bad potatoes to the store. However, there were two problems with this course of action:


    1. I wasn't entirely sure I could locate my reciept.




    2. I cannot stress enough just how unpleasant this bag smelled.


    So, I just threw out the potatoes and bought another bag.


    Of course, I'm not really concerned about the $3 hit to my finances that this represents. However, being a generally frugal person--and someone who would prefer to alert my local grocery store to a potential problem in their produce section (say that 10 times fast!)--I wondered if there was a better course of action. Should I have emptied the spuds out of the bag and simply taken said empty bag (and its funk) back to the store to explain the issue? Should I have simply told the store and been granted a refund on my own recognizance? Did I do the right thing by doing (basically) nothing?


    So, I ask you, fellow Dollar Stretchers. How do you handle spoiled food when it is clearly the store's issue?



    *A crock pot roast in this case is a real pot roast made in a crock pot. Not a fake pot roast. Just to clarify.


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  • haverwench
    haverwench The only time I can remember running across this issue, we didn't discover the food in question (cheese) was spoiled until we'd already grated it and baked it onto a pizza. We both bit into our slices and then looked at each other with these sort of puzzl...  more
    August 8, 2014

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