Live Like a Mensch: Changing Our Behavior

  • This past weekend, J and I and the menschlings were visiting friends when we noticed that they had gotten a Roomba.


    Intrigued, we asked about it.


    "It was my birthday present," the wife told us. "It's been life changing."


    J and I simply looked at each other. The fact that this family--which, unlike us, does not have two cats and a dog, all of whom seem to defy the laws of physics in their ability to shed their body weight in hair multiple times a day--had felt that their life had changed now that they had a robot to do the floor cleaning for them was awfully tempting. Neither J nor I particularly like to clean the floors. We end up doing a once-a-week half-hearted sweep/dust/mop combo that does very little to hold back the incredible amount of pet hair tumbleweed. (You do not want to see the bottoms of our socks.)


    As we drove home, J and I both expressed interest in the possibility of getting our very own cleaning robot (whom I would nickname Rosie for obvious reasons.)


    Then we got home, looked up the price, and immediately lost our enthusiasm. These bad boys retail for $300 to $500, and it doesn't seem like the best use of our money when we're both perfectly capable of cleaning the floors. We just don't like it.


    Then I came up with a potential solution:


    Every time either one of us cleans the floor, we will place a dollar in an envelope. Once we have enough money in the envelope for a happy cleaning robotic pal, we'll go ahead and buy one. 

    This means that even if we clean the floors every single day, we will have to wait the better part of a year before our purchase--which will ensure that we're not simply jumping into a splurge. Additionally, we might find ourselves cleaning the floors more often because we want to reach that pot-o-Roomba at the end of the furball rainbow. And, of course, by cleaning the floors more often, we might find that we change our cleaning habits enough to make the Roomba unnecessary.


    It's a win-win-win-win.


    We made this decision last Saturday, and we already have three crisp dollar bils in our Roomba envelope. (Which, if you're keeping score at home, is two more floor cleanings than we'd otherwise have.)


    Here's looking towards a bright future wherein fewer of my clothes are covered in cat hair.


    Image courtesy of Dwight Sipler


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  • haverwench
    haverwench Just be prepared for the fact that even the newest, priciest Roomba, the 880 ( can't get into all the corners or in between furniture pieces the way a re...  more
    August 5, 2014

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