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Here is the perfect complement to the web site, The Dollar Stretcher - a community of like minded folks who want to make their money stretch farther and do more with it.

The blogs are varied and rich with encouragement. Browse the entries and you'll be hooked! Feel free to roam around and see for yourself what it's all about.

The forums are open to anyone who registers - a painless and quick process. Just click on the "Join" link in the upper right hand column and fill in the information. We don't ask for much and you'll become a member immediately.

Don't hesitate to ask questions in the "Forum Information" area, where there's a forum specifically for that. If you see a question you can answer, please do so. Get comfortable, this is your forum!

Now to the necessary stuff: As in any community, there are certain basic rules that make being a part of that community more pleasant for everyone. With that in mind, please read the guidelines below. They apply to the forums as well as to the blogs (where you can comment on the posts). You'll find a copy of them in the "Forum Information" area, too, in case you want to refresh your memory.

1. We're a family friendly place. That means that people of all ages are welcome, so please don't post anything you wouldn't discuss in front of young children.
2. The only group of people who never disagree is a group that doesn't communicate. Communicate! And when you do disagree, please do so politely.
3. Disagreements sometimes reach far beyond a particular subject, so I have to say this: No personal attacks or argumentative attitudes are acceptable.
4. Signatures are allowed, but are limited to 400 characters. HTML is allowed in signatures, but no remote images at this time. Please don't include anything offensive or questionable.
5. Your definition of "offensive" may differ from ours, so if you ask, we'll be glad to guide you.
6. No referral links are allowed either in a signature or the body of a post. That doesn't mean you can't post links to your own site or to others if it's relevant to the conversation.
7. No spamming of any kind is acceptable.
8. Please don't argue with the community managers or any moderator at any level. If we have to referee a disagreement, our decision is final.
9. Please read additional guidelines for the forums in our guidelines area.

Have fun, support each other and let's get on with learning more and more about how to control our money so we can do what we want to with it.

Please contact for problems or questions about the forums.

Contact about the blogs we have.

What's New

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    The Dollar Stretcher Social - A Frugal Thanksgiving
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    Stretcher Brandy Read a Halloween cozy..FREE!
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    Lisa Rudolph wrote a new blog entry:
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  • susan
    susanStretcher Brandy: hiĀ  I have been trying to get on here for sometime are my hellos and posts not going through
    • October 19
  • Stretcher  Brandy
    Stretcher Brandy All pumpkin Halloween party
    The Dollar Stretcher Social - All Pumpkin Halloween Parties
    • October 18
  • Lisa Rudolph
    Lisa Rudolph wrote a new blog entry:
    • October 17
  • TDS Review
    TDS Review wrote a new blog entry:
    • October 16
  • Emily Guy Birken
    Emily Guy Birken wrote a new blog entry:
    • October 16
    • Emily Guy Birken
      haverwench Now, time to play Who's a Bigger Geek?: I actually keep my holiday gift list in the form of an Excel spreadsheet, with columns for each recipient's name, where it was purchased, and what it cost. Three additional columns have check boxes to mark off each ...  more
      • Wed at 6:42 AM
    • Emily Guy Birken
      haverwench I also have a "notes" column to track how well each gift was received, so I know whether similar gifts are likely to go over well in future, and a "green" column to track which gifts were secondhand, home-grown, organic, Fair Trade, pu...  more
      • Wed at 6:55 AM
    • Emily Guy Birken
      Emily Guy Birken @haverwench, I LOVE the spreadsheet idea! Would you be willing to share your template? I'm planning on doing a FLYlady holiday "cruise" this year (, but I wasn't a big fan of her control journal/gift li...  more
      • Wed at 9:08 AM
    • Emily Guy Birken
      haverwench I'd be happy to share it, but how do you do that on a site like this? Where do I put or send the file? The only way I know of sharing files is either to e-mail them or upload them to a site like Dropbox.
      • Wed at 12:48 PM
    • Emily Guy Birken
      Emily Guy Birken Hmm, good question. Let me do some digging.
      • Thu at 4:51 AM
  • Lisa Rudolph
    Lisa Rudolph wrote a new blog entry:
    • October 16
  • Emily Guy Birken
    Emily Guy Birken wrote a new blog entry:
    • October 15